U8 Opens RGO/ETH Trading Market

Dear U8 users:


U8 will open the RGO/ETH trading market at 18:00 UTC+8 on March 31, 2019, Beijing time. And on March 29 at 18:00 [UTC + 8] open recharge, invite you to experience!!


About: RGO official website: [Click Enter]

RGO White Paper: [Click Enter]

Currency information

Currency Name: RGO [RGOCHAIN]

Total RGO issuance: 100,000,000

RGO flow: 5,000,000

Block Address Query: Click Enter

Allocation of tokens: team retention 30%, unconditional lock warehouse 3 years, 0.3 billion currency, technology development incentive 10%, unconditional lock warehouse 3 years, 0.1 billion currency, 60% original assets of graphene block chain, 0.6 billion currency, circulation 5 million, the remaining lock warehouse 3 years

RGO Project Introduction:

Block chain technology and graphene technology are known as the two most promising technologies in the world today. RGO is a far-reaching project developed by the Graphene Technology Team (team distributed around the world) based on the bottom technology of block chain. The total amount of RGO is 100 million, and it will never be added. RGO can circulate arbitrarily in the block chain network. The main purpose is to promote the stable development of graphene technology. For the technical protection of various development applications, any future application scenarios developed under the Graphene Eco-Fund need RGO as a margin and consumption. Based on the rapid development of graphene technology and its wide application in the future, RGO will be used as a threshold for the use of technology, and the supply will exceed the demand. The team will spend 20% of its profits every year for the repurchase and destruction of RGO.

Risk hints: Digital assets are innovative investments, with large price fluctuations and high investment risk. Before investing, we expect you to fully understand digital assets, rationally judge the ability to invest, and prudently make investment decisions.


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U8 team

March 29, 2019